I’m a (serial) social entrepreneur living in San Francisco, California. I build products and initiatives that increase economic opportunity for underserved communities. I operate both globally and locally, and best when I’m at the intersection. 

I’m currently founder of prosper/us — an online marketplace for ethnic food — and disorient, a media brand highlighting diaspora culture.

I’ve scaled Stripe’s products internationally, built a global community to unlock human potential at Sandbox, and published a book on community in the modern era.

At 16, I started my first company (an e-commerce platform for greeting cards), was recognized as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year for my state, and influenced national dialogue on the role of entrepreneurship in low-income cities in the US.

I became an entrepreneur through the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, a non-profit entrepreneurship education initiative that changed the trajectory of my life. Today I am passionate about initiatives that approach entrepreneurship as a vehicle to economic opportunity in underserved communities.

I founded my second company, Mahila Mobile, when I was 21, to help the 600 million illiterate women in the world access the benefits of mobile phone technology. I partnered with health clinics in Pakistan and Greece to develop text-free mobile health applications for illiterate women. In 2013, Mahila was recognized by former President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative University as an example of borderless global innovation.

I’ve built deep knowledge (via experience) in emerging markets, global entrepreneurship, and community systems. I consulted for The Rockefeller Foundation, Google, The Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Economic Forum with Dalberg Global Development Advisors. I assessed impact metrics for the first impact investing firm in Brazil, Vox Capital, and researched entrepreneurship policy development at Endeavor. As the Asia Regional Manager of the global accelerator Seedstars, I mentored 200 entrepreneurs and helped develop nascent startup ecosystems across 14 countries in Asia. It’s (hopefully understandably) hard to distill everything I experienced so I kindly direct you to my guide to managing a continent and my Instagram.

Community is very important to me, because I grew up without one. I believe community is the defining organizational structure of the 21st century and I like to think, and speak, about the role of technology in this paradigm shift of human organization. I have this thesis that access to economic opportunity begins with access to belonging. I entertain the idea of a dissertation from time to time but I’ve found the opportunity to explore these questions, and build the equitable communities I believe in as the COO of Sandbox, a global community of 1300 mobile trailblazers in 40 cities worldwide.

I’m relentlessly curious but biased towards action. I excel at operations and I thrive in front of the white canvas.